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Nail Glam & Accessories by Candy

BLACK History 2

BLACK History 2

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Each set has a set of (10 nails) 2 Thumbs, 2 Pointers, 2 Middle, 2 Rings, 2 Pinkies

This set is already custom made, with a processing time of 2 days.

Orders include a nail prep kit; Glue, Buffer, Alcohol pad, cuticule stick, instructions on how to properly put your nails on.

All of our sets are Re-usable & Durable, to reuse your sets, file away the old glue.

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BLACK History 2

BLACK History 2

How long is processing before my product ships?

1-2 days

Do you accept refunds or exchange?

Exchange or discount only.

How often do you restock?


How do I make a custom press-on nail order?

Click the chat button or contact the number provided and recieve a response quickly.